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yay for sketches

one of favorite moments, Huan and Luthien defeating Sauron on Tol-in-Gaurhoth

I thought Sauron is suppose to be bigger than Luthien (or any other elf or man),but not too much

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some doodles of Tolui


fast w.i.t.c.h. doodles 8)

Khasar ( Genghis’ younger brother) and Kokochu


Sketch of Valar during Valian Years ( before the Lamps)

Namo,Yavanna,Aule,Melkor,Manwe,Varda,Ulmo and Orome

No Irmo and Nienna because they look a lot like Namo, and no Nessa because she looks a lot like Orome. No other girls,because I don’t care for them actually. And no Tulkas - because I can’t imagine his appearance before the Years of the Lamps. 

It was a bad idea to draw Aule and Melkor together,because generally they made from one material,both of them are giant rocks. So Melkor is a rock + ice + fire, and Aule is rock + lead,gold,manganese and other kinds of ore. 



Khamûl, the king of Rhun & Angmar’s right hand, one of the Ringwraiths; 

wanted to draw him as a human,but in Nazgul clothes - bad phobs did another baaad thing…

couple in stripes

the black bird